20-20 Poker Casino Online Live Betting And How To Play ( Rules )

20-20 Online Poker Live Betting Account

20-20 Poker Game Online Rules

Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J, 1o All Of The Same Suit

Straight Flush

Any Five Card Sequence In The Same Suit

Four Of A Kind

All Four Cards Of The Same Rank 

Full House

Three Of A Kind Combined With A Pair


Any Five Card Of The Same Suit. But Not In Sequence


Five Card In Sequence Not In The Same Suit

Three Of A Kind

Three Card Of The Same Rank

Two Pair

Two Separate Pairs


Two Card Of The Same Rank

High Card

Otherwise Unrelated Cards Ranked By The Highest Single Card

20-20 Poker Casino Online Live Betting Account Id

20-20 poker live betting account id

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