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Online Betting in India Betting

Betting is an act to wager something. Anything that is precious or has some value can be put on stake whether it’s money or any property. Basically it is an agreement between two parties, in which one can make money or others can lose. It is all fun under the roof. If you have the aim of becoming a millionaire you can choose this way of online betting. In the whole world, millions of people enjoy this game and do betting. Some gamble just to have fun while some gamble just because of their addiction. It is this reason only that they are the richest in society. Because of their addiction towards betting, they are on top of the world and have succeeded in multiplying their earnings.

All the countries have their own policies of gambling and people follow them to do the online betting. The countries which offer you the platform to bet online are the United States, Macau, Germany, China, Vietnam, and some other countries and regions that allow gambling. All the developed countries of the world allow its people to do online betting and become rich. The United States and Macau have the largest gambling industries in the world. In 2006, Macau reached at the top of the world’s no. 1 gambling city.

Gambling has a long history. It’s been in existence since decades. In olden times, people played just to show off their wealth and put many things on stake. 

Online Betting

Diamond Exchange Betting can be done in two ways:

  • When two parties are physically present and put money on any belonging on stake and play.
  • Or betting can be done online. Online betting is a form of betting that can be done on the internet.

Nowadays, if anyone wants to bet then that person doesn’t have any need to go somewhere to do so, they can place a bet online and can win or lose.

Online betting has changed the world of betting. In the 20th century, this industry has attained great heights because of the advancement in technology and its hold all over the world because of the internet. It can be done in many forms like scratch cards, keno etc. As this industry is flourishing day by day, its turnover also increases at a fast pace. I am so glad to tell you that the income from online betting across the world is more than 84 billion pounds.

People can enjoy online Betting in many ways. These days many options are available for online betting. 

The main forms of DiamondExch Online Betting are:

Poker, Sports Betting, Bingo, Lotteries, Horse racing, Casinos, mobile gambling, Lottery, In Play Gambling, worli matka, instant worli, lottery, 3 card judgement binary and virtual sports, live casino, slot games, cricket casino, motor sport, kabaddi, Andar Bahar, Boxing, Casino War, Test Teen Patti, One day Teen Patti and many more games for fun, entertainment and wealth making.

Online Poker Account id
online betting account
Online Betting in India

By now you have got the desired information on what online betting actually is. Online betting is in its initial stage in India. Here everyone has their own views regarding legality of online Betting. All the bettors in the entire world wish to have open online betting for more fun and exposure. All the states have their own authorities on how they wish to carry forward this online betting business .The states like Sikkim, Goa and Daman have casinos and allow gambling. Sikkim has three casinos; Goa has 10 while Daman has one casino.

Believe me friends, DiamondExchange Online Betting is real fun. Betting in India has opened new doors of business for India and the nation will be able to collect takes from the same income which was otherwise not known to anyone. Now bettors find it so much rejuvenating to do the betting online with our website i.e.

As Diamond Exchange Online Betting is in its early stage in India, so there are very few betting sites available for Indians. But in these recent years, the betting industry has grown in India and is providing Indians more opportunities and sites to wager. But if you research on various sites available for betting, you will our site to be the best as we offer you more security towards your funds and personal information. Secondly we allow you to make payments via. Phonepe, Google pay, PayPal, IMPS. We accept Hawala too.

Online Betting In India

Online Betting Account

As far as the Online Betting is concerned, you always need an online betting account to place a bet. Register yourself with our betting website i.e. diamond exchange as it is registered according to the norms of government and we have a license too. to organize a platform for DiamondExch online betting .You can easily create your online Betting account. Our website gives you a form online that you are supposed to fill and submit. Only then you will be able to do betting online. This process is very simple and easy and one can easily open their account to place bets.

Here we will provide you the complete information about how you can open an account for online betting in India. Follow these steps to place a bet online:

  • Research on some authorized and legal bookmakers. This will provide you a great help. Be very careful while making a choice for the bookmaker so that it is useful to you in the near future. Now get ready to open your online betting account. You can open your account with more than one bookmaker also. Some bookmakers provide free bets to new account holders also. So read all the instructions carefully.
  • You also owe the opportunity to open the online betting ID for other games too that we offer.Click on the link to a bookmaker’s site and you will find an option to open an account on the site.
  • Third step is to fill the registration form. Once you click on the link, you will be provided a registration form to register yourself to that particular bookmaker. Fill all the details that have been asked and pay attention while filling your details. Before submitting the registration form, go through with the terms and conditions of the site. It’s very important to read all of these instructions to avoid any mishap or frauds.

Once you read all terms and conditions and after getting complete satisfaction submit your form.

  • Once you submit your registration form then the next step is to transfer some funds in your account. If you want to place bets it’s a very important step. Always be specific with which payment method you want to use. Either with a debit card or a credit card. Nowadays bookmakers allow you to pay using online platforms also like PayPal or Hawala.
  • After depositing funds in your account you are allowed to bet and can place a bet online according to your account limit and start Diamond Exchange betting.
Online Sports Betting:

Online sport betting is very much popular among people of different nations. It is a big hit especially in the US and Europe. In online sports betting, by predicting the result of a particular sport, one can win or lose. Our Online sports betting site provides complete information about sports events to be held and ways by which one can place a bet and what bets can be placed.

A good online Betting site is one which constantly updates you with the latest sports events all over the world and provides you more and more opportunities to bet. There are a number of sports which are quite popular and in which betting is done. The games like football, basketball, cricket, horse racing, track cycling, boxing, tennis etc are such games which are very popular in the world of betting. Cricket betting is on the top of all these games. Sports bettors place their bets online through a certified booker or through some private bookies. 


Online Sports Betting in India

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 says that it is so easy to run a business of online betting. All the states have their own rules for online betting. People from India have so much love for betting online. There are all the set guidelines for you to refer while online betting in India. 

The most popular sport in India is Cricket. For Indians, it’s not just a sport. It’s like a member of their family. They enjoy and cherish each and every moment of a match. Most of the Indians are emotionally connected with this sport. While some find an opportunity to earn with this and wager online. Some do it for pleasure while some do it to multiply their funds.

Online Sports Betting
Sports Associated With Online Betting

There are a number of sports on which online betting can be done. Be it cricket, tennis, hockey, horse racing or boxing list is very long. Online sports betting sites provide complete information about the events all over the world and make it convenient for bettors to wager online. You just need your betting account, betting id and funds to wager. Then you are open to bet. Bettors can do online betting just with a single click in almost every game.

We will provide you complete information about the different sports on which online Betting can be done.



Cricket is one of the most popular sports. It was initiated in England. For nations like India, Pakistan, South Africa and England, cricket is not just a sport. It’s much more than that. Indians are crazy about cricket. They do not even want to miss any single match. 

In nations like India where people actually worship cricket and treat it as their religion, have huge scope of earning profits  from online cricket Betting because of its high population and love and admiration for cricket. 

In cricket, betting can be done in two ways. Either a bettor can bet on the outcome of a match or on the outcome of six overs.

People who like to do betting online love to do it for cricket. As cricket has different playing formats like ODI, test series and Twenty 20 matches, so it provides immense opportunities to bettors to bet for cricket and the entire cricket fans as well as bettors eagerly wait for the same to be organized. One is able to do betting for the cricket being played in India and abroad i.e. between different states or against different countries of the world.

IPL plays a very important role in betting. All cricket fans and bettors’ excitement is out of the world for this league. A huge amount of money is on stake in this league. It’s approximately 10,000 to 20,000 crores per match. In IPL, cricketers from many nations like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and England come under one roof and all players have their own fan following and come with their own unique flair and skill set. So the expectations are high and results are unpredictable resulting in bringing excitement in the competition. 

You will be glad to know that our website diamond exchange offers you the platform to do online cricket betting. All you need to have is the online cricket betting account. You can do online cricket betting in almost all the matches along with the live streaming facility. You can also withdraw your money or cancel your bet while the match is going on. I think no other website offers you these facilities.

It is time to try your luck and make money! Make your mind to do online cricket betting using our website.


Horse Racing


One of the most popular forms of gambling is wagering on horses. It is the oldest sport that has been wagered on. It started in the UK.

When talk comes to its legality, then there are many nations like the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, Canada France etc. in which gambling on  horse races is legal and a very much popular sport. These countries feature regular horse racing fixtures.

There are certain tracks on which gambling on horses is excellent. If you are associated with a legal or authentic gambling site that is a diamond exchange then you will be provided with the complete information and betting opportunities from daily local races to many international big events.

Some of the biggest horse racing events are Epsom Derby (UK), Japan Cup (JPN), The Everest (AUS), Melbourne Cup (AUS), Dubai World Cup (UAE), Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe (FR), Kentucky Derby (USA), and other. The top most betting site offers you access to all these big events from live coverage of the match to its radio broadcast is our diamond exchange website.

This is a game of skill and luck. Before betting on a horse, if you do research on the past performances of the horse then the chances of making money will increase.

Online Horse Betting ID
Football Online Betting

It is said that football betting is the best sport of betting because of its popularity. Also football offers a large number of matches. 

Your top betting site should be able to cover all the national cups, international tournaments and the world cup. A bonus would be coverage of all the domestic league matches.

There are a number of ways to bet in online football betting.

  • One can bet on the outcome of the match. This is the most common type of bet and called a match bet. 
  • In case of a tournament, one can bet on the winner of a particular tournament.
  • Betting can be done on individual players also like how many goals will a player do etc. 
Online Football Betting ID
Online Football Betting ID
Online Football Betting ID




Basketball is the easiest sport to bet on. The way to wager on this sport is points spread. That means wagering is being done on the whole team that which team will win or lose. The team that will be expected to win is called the favorite team and will be most loved by the audience.

In basketball, bettors have several other options of betting like Totals and MoneyLine wagers. 

In Totals, prediction is being done on the total score of both the teams. But in MoneyLine Wagers, betting is being done on the outcome of the match.

Online Basketball Betting ID




Tennis betting is also among one of the most popular sports to bet on. To bet on tennis, bettors must have knowledge about the player. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. Before betting on a particular player, you must know about the player’s playing style, his performances in previous matches. Only then you will be able to win. Like Basketball, tennis betting also involves Money Line Wagers in which the bettor needs to predict the winner of the match.

The major tournaments of Tennis are: 

Four major Grand Slams that are conducted each year, French Open, Australian Open and the US open.

Online Tennis Betting ID
Kabaddi Online Betting

Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports that originated in India. Kabaddi is not very famous among all the nations but its popularity is increasing day by day. And so betting will be. In people of nations like India, Kabaddi holds a very special place. The most popular tournament of Kabaddi is ‘Pro Kabaddi League’.

To bet on kabaddi, style is the same as we discussed earlier. You must have an online kabaddi betting account and a betting Id to bet.

We have so many other popular sports for online betting like hockey ,golf etc. Betting styles are almost the same for all the sports. You just need to do proper investigation or research on the player or a team on which you are going to wager your funds. You win or you lose it depends on your luck but you can increase your chances of winning by using your mind and skills. 

Online gambling provides you great opportunities to win if you research before betting on a particular team or player. You can always try your luck. If you are good at taking risks then you can go ahead in this gambling world. 

Pros of Online Sports Betting

There are millions of people all over the world who are indulged in online Betting. The number of those people is really huge. Everything has some good and positive effects when they start with online sports betting. 

There are a number of advantages of online wagering. We are discussing some main points here:

  • This betting world is filled with lots of surprises and excitement. Some people do it to earn but some do just to have fun and enjoy. You can start with very little funds also.
  • You can multiply your funds or money in a very short span of time.
  • There are a number of betting options available online. You can choose according to your budget.
  • If you are new in this world then our site provides you with free bets and if you are a daily customer of a betting site it may provide you some incentives and bonus. 
  • You will simply sit in the relaxed mood and enjoy the online betting by just a click from your device.

You will be glad to know that our site keeps your personal information safe and funds too. Use all your wit and wisdom and initiate the online betting from our website.


Sports Betting completely depends on the player’s performance, bettors research and his mind set and luck. As far as betting in India is concerned, you can refer to our website to clear your doubts. You can surely trust our website for online betting. Our site is really very authentic and genuine in the business of online betting in India. We hope our information on Online Sports Betting helps you to find your search. Go through the online betting platform being set by our website for you and see how easy and quick it is in comparison to other websites.

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