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HTML tutorial

The first and the initial step is to add a URL on the google browser. Use only the admin URL, if you are creating the admin account. As we are going to show you in this video. For example: ( )

1st Point

As soon as we add the admin URL, this window will open in front of you friends, here you need to enter your username and password, now we will tell you how to create agents below you using the master panel. Admin login

Note: Friends, when you added your login details, this video would have appeared in front of you. Now we will tell you how to create the user ID. 

Step 1

After login you will see your Fairbet777 dashboard

Fairbet777 betting id user id

Step 2

On the page that opens in front of you, we will click on account at the first and then we will click on create an account.

Fairbet777 create agent id

Step 3

Here is the general information page on the window, where you have to add your details. 

fairbet777 user id

1st – User Name: Write the username, that you want to use in your ID. Add a unique username only otherwise a red-colored indication will show ( username already exists). 

2nd – Full Name: Add your username here the same that you added in the username column.

3rd – Password: Your next option is the password, where you will add 8 digits password, in which the first 4 will be alphabets and the next 4 will be numeric. The first alphabet should be capital. For example, Abcd1234, (Use capital A).

4th – Confirm Password:In the next column of Confirm Password add the same password that you have used above.

5th – City: You can either keep it blank or can also add any 4 alphabets like (ABCD). 

6th – Phone Number: In the Mobile number column, you may or may not add your mobile number. It’s your wish. 

7th – Credit: By credit amount means, if you have offered coins to another party add that amount and if you have not offered it, you may add 0 (Zero). The credit amount is added, for example, if you offered 10k as credit coins today and yesterday you gave 20k, then the credit amount to be added is 30k. 

8th – User Type: In the user type, you will see the agent and user ID options, and here in this video we are teaching you how to create User ID and so now you will click on User ID. 

9th –Remarks: This will also remain blank, as you need not add anything in this. 

10th – Next comes the commission settings, partnership, and min-max bet, no need to make any changes here.

11th – Change password lock is not to be used. 

12th – Transaction Password: Now you have to type your transaction password, and finally, your account will be successfully created and this will be highlighted in the category of the account, when you will click on the accounts list, you will see your ID. 

  • Now you redirect on your Account list page where you can see your User id.
Fairbet777 User id 1

To deposit amount (CR) option in yellow color will be seen next to the username. When you will click on it, a box will appear, that will guide you to deposit your credit or withdraw it. The next option will be the credit history, which will show the history of your previous credits.

Step 4

If you want to change the password or lock your ID, click on more options that show the following columns.

Here you can change anything according to your requirements.

  1. Profile: you cannot make any changes here.
  2. Change Password, which will help to change your password. 
  3. User Lock- Using this, you can bet lock or user lock. 
  4. Account history: No changes can be made here.
  5. Edit Profile: No change is required.
Fairbet777 change password

Note: If you face any issue regarding how to create Fairbet777 User id, Let us know our support team will heppy to help you.

Thanks – Fairbet777 Team

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HTML tutorial
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