How To Create Proexch247 Secure Auth & 2 Factor Authentication In English?

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HTML tutorial

The first step to open the Proexch247 master/agent id, for that you need to open google chrome and type your url example: ( 

Step 1

After this, by clicking on the login button, enter the username and password:

Step 2

After login, you will see the Proexch247 main page which is called Dashboard.

Step 3

Now you have to click on your username on top right section, here you have to click on the 1st option “Secure Auth Verification”.

Step 4

After click on Secure Auth you will see two 2 Option.

1st – Eanable Using Mobile App

2nd – Eanable Using Telegram

Click On 2nd Button, “Eanable Using Telegram”.

Step 5

Now you have to click on “Enable Using Telegram” & Enter your Master password after that you need to click on “Get Connection Id”.

As soon as you click on “Get Connection Id” button, you will see the instructions for 2-Step Verification.

Step 6

Now you have to follow the given instructions.

First of all you have to click on “@secure_auth_bot” and you need to send two messages.

1st – /start
2nd – /connect BBE9D701

Now Just Press Enter and your secure auth is successfully  connected with telegram.

Step 1st – /start

Step 2nd – /connect BBE9D701

Friends Lets check once, Is it working!

Once you enter your username and password, you will get a 6 digit code on your telegram. This is your verification code. Enter this verification code in your panel and you will be able to access your account. For Example:-

You Recieve Telegram Verification Code Like This

Account login successfully after Security code​

If you have any problems with your Secure auth account, you can talk to our support team by clicking on whatsapp icon the bottom right corner of this page.

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