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THE BACKSTORY: Gambling was first prohibited in India during the colonial period. In 1867, the Public Gambling Act made it illegal to offer gambling services or visit public gambling facilities. This law said nothing about online gambling because internet betting hadn’t been invented yet.So the internet came. People started to ask if that means that you can bet online because it isn’t expressly forbidden under the law of 1867. The answer is yes. If the government wanted to stop betting online they could have, but they never did.

Every State Has Their Own Rules

In 1950, the Constitution of India was introduced. It is written that each state can have their own laws about gambling. The federal government does not want to ban or allow online betting, so they left it up to the states. This means that each state has different laws for online betting.

In Maharashtra, games of skill are allowed while games of luck are not. Karnataka and other states do this too. But in Sikkim, the government is trying to make online betting legal. They have begun to accept licenses from betting operators who want to offer games in the state. Most other Indian states do not have laws about online betting, so it is an unclear area for them at this time.It is legal to gamble online in Tamil Nadu, but it is not in Maharashtra.

Difference Between a Game Of Skill & Game Of Luck?

Some games are not allowed. These are games of luck. Other games, like games of skill, are allowed. Some states allow games of skill and some do not.

Game Of Skill

A game of skill is a game where you can increase your odds of winning by learning more about it. Betting online may be considered a game of skill. The more you know about a sport, team or tournament, the greater your chances are at betting online.

We know more than people who don’t know about cricket and the two teams. We’re more likely to get the answers right, so we can win money. That’s why betting on cricket is legal in many Indian states.

Game Of Luck

A game of Luck is a game in which the outcome is determined solely by chance. Games of chance are known as luck games. The tiny ball can land anywhere with each toss. A game of chance is one in which the outcome is decided purely by luck.

Why Horse race betting is a game of skill

Horse race betting is a game of skill but cricket is not?

Answer is Here:

In 1996, the Supreme Court of India said that horse race betting should be legal because it was based on skill and not luck.

Why is horse race betting based on skill when cricket or football betting is not? It takes as much skill to predict the outcome of a cricket match as it does for a horse race. Horse racing is considered a game of skill, but cricket betting is not!Although horse race betting should be legal, it is also true that it should not be different from other sports. The only reason horse racing betting was legalized is because people in India are afraid that if horse racing betting was illegal, no one would breed horses anymore. Horse breeding has become a profitable and prominent industry in India.

Isn't It Wrong!

Isn’t it wrong that we prohibit betting, but then allow it on some sports like horse racing and rummy? 

👉 This is an example of the confusing betting laws in India. The government needs to be more consistent and should allow gambling on all sports throughout India!

What will happen when online betting is legal in India?

Nobody knows when online betting will be fully legalised in India. It could happen next year, or it may never happen at all. We cannot say for sure what will happen. But no matter what happens, you can be sure that MyBetting will always be here to guide you to the safest and most legal betting sites on the internet. Do not worry about current laws being unclear; there are still safe ways to bet online in India despite them not being clear.

India's Oldest Book

HTML tutorial
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