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Online Betting in India (Online casino betting app in India)

Nowadays as it is the period of lockdown as the world is surrounded with the Corona Epidemic so all the people across the world are home, trying to stay safe. But when we are home throughout the day and working from home too. A thought in the minds of almost everyone strikes that a change is needed.

Here we are sure to entertain and provide you fun that you deserve. You just have to be home and it is going to come to your place.

Any guesses?

Yes, you are correct.

It is the time to do the betting. It is the platform to make you all rich and wealthy by increasing your money.

Betting is a game full of luck curiosity and fun always.

As you all know that everything has turned global due to the advancement of Information Technology. From buying milk to buying jewellery, everything has started reaching from anywhere you want by just using your desktop or mobiles and an internet connection. With just a single click everything is brought forward to you.

Same is the time for betting.

Online Betting

You will be really amused to know that you can do the betting in every stream you like by simply sitting at home with the medium of the Diamondexch Online betting. You are also made to feel that all the games are being played in front of you only without actually visiting that ambience. Online medium is all loyal. It is all to keep you full of energy, fun and entertained.

Online betting can be done in almost every game be it sports like tennis, basket ball, football, Cricket, badminton ,kabaddi, boxing, darts ,motor sport etc. The medium of online betting also enables you to bet online in casinos. Everything depends upon your interests like you can bet online on casino war, baccarat, live casino, Andar bahar, Bollywood Casino, Cricket casino, casino meter or many more.

So are you ready?

Online Betting

Online betting in India

India being on the verge of development since year has succeeded in making everything online. In the past years people used to import goods they needed but now things are made available to them in just a few days in a very nominal cost too. All thanks to Globalization. Betting is also done online by the people of India with the help of Diamond Exchange.

People in India have always been crazy for betting. Earlier, when they visited foreign countries then only they could do it but now everything is so close to eyes and can be done by simply chilling in their Air-Conditioners at homes or in office. With the passage of time online betting in India has gained popularity among the residents of India.

For example a cricket match is being played between India and Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka and you can feel as if it is being played in front of you in the betting scenario via online betting and live cricket betting. The bettors can do the betting easily via. Online betting in India.

Online Betting Account

Now, you might be wondering how you can do the online betting with the help of Diamondexchange and must be looking for more information about it.

Am I right?

Our website contains all the answers to your questions and our team of experts is available 24 * 7 to resolve your queries. This is all to please you and keep you entertained by online betting.

First thing that is really very important for you to know and it is that if you want to do the online betting in India ,it is essential to owe your own Online betting Account.

You just have to chill and go to our website and get all the related information.

You will be glad to know that usually the websites provide only one account to the bettors but our website offers them a trial account with the name of the demo account so that the bettor can login and see what actually our website has in store for him. We do so because we are pretty sure you are going to like our website and get associated with it.

Then comes the main account i.e. your online betting account which is really very easy and simple to create. All you need is to just fill your personal details and get it done in just a gist of time. It is almost similar to your social media account and just the purpose is different. You can also mention your mode of exchanging payment by simply relaxing. We offer you many mediums like IMPS, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm, Pay Pal. For your trust and faith and to make you feel that our site is safe for you to do the online betting Hawala is also available that is offered by very few sites and ours is one of them.

If you have so many bettors under you and want to run a business of online betting easily, you can contact us as we are also offering DL and MDL accounts that are surely very nominal. So hurry up and enroll with us.

Online betting Application

In today’s time mobile is the only device that is seen with everyone be it a kid, teenager, adult or an old person. People possess it as the most necessary item of everyday life. People also carry their mobile phones to wash rooms. The functions of mobiles are increasing with a great speed and are used for many purposes other than just calling. All you need to have is just the internet connection and access to your particular mobile connection.

My dear friends, I am talking about the smart-phones that all of you have in your pockets.

You keep messaging your friends on social networking applications from your device. The world of online betting in India has also starting facilitating you with online betting applications so that is gets more easy for you to enjoy and have fun from betting online using Diamond Exch app.

It is a very easy and good medium to access and do the online betting. All you need to do is to create the online betting account on Diamond exchange, using our website. Once you do it, you have your own online betting ID and you will be able to access your online betting account through our online betting application. It will surely offer you all the services that our website does in more convenient form.

Online Betting App

Advantages of betting online using the mobile application:


The first advantage of mobile application online betting is that you can easily place your online bet as your account remains open all the time unless you log out from there. Convenience is the only thing that one wants and betting from your phone is the only thing the bettors aspire for. It is thus so easy to have it all in your phone.


Mobile Streaming


We know that you could do the event streaming on your desktop but to provide you an additional facility we have started offering online casino betting especially through the mobile application. It is an excellent feature being offered in the business of online betting in India. You can avail it sitting on your couch or at the dining table. It adds another avenue to online betting.




You can simply have access to your online betting from the mobile application using only your internet connection. You can also pay easily through this mobile betting app. Thus, it is very cost effective.

online betting id


Good experience


As all mobile phones are handy and easily movable so it enhances the experience of the bettors to another height as people keep navigating and wagering easily.

online betting id

Placing bet

Now comes the purpose for which we are discussing so much. You can more comfortably and easily place the bets using mobile applications that from the website.

Place bet online


Extra Temptation


As your mobile phone is available with you all the time so you have more temptation to know what is happening in the world of betting and now when you have all set in the online betting mobile application, you are free to do the betting anytime and anywhere.

Excellent for live betting

Betting live on the matches can be even more exciting if you do it while sitting with your friends in a pub. Mobile betting apps have made that possible as you only need to carry your handy mobile device with yourself and do it all there.

live betting

People in India are so passionate about playing casinos. Whenever the Indians visit the foreign countries they go and have fun and entertain themselves by visiting casinos and playing various games there.

Now everything has flourished online so people are fond of playing casino games online only.

Good news for you all!

We are providing you the platform to play online Casino. Now you can have access to almost all the casino games under one roof.

The casino games that we offer you are:


Casino War


Casino meter

Cricket Casino

Bollywood Casino

Andar Bahar

Evolution Casino

Ezugi Casino

Superspade Casino

The house has much more casino games to provide you a wonderful experience.

Mobile Casino Application

Mobile Casinos are the best option for the modern bettors. These have been designed for the bettors like you as it is easy to access and can be played from anywhere.

Our casino mobile app has been designed beautifully using the bright color to attract you people. Our experts have deeply dived into the world of online betting of Casino games through the mobile application. So you can easily trust us and go ahead.

Our online casino betting app is the best amongst more than hundreds available in the market.

Mobile Casino Action on the Go

Earlier you could only make the transactions most probably in banking and now you can even play the online casino using your smart phone which is so easy and user friendly.

Almost all the modern smart phones provide you access to play online casino via. Mobile  application. You will also be glad to know that while designing and researching on this app our team had already tested the compatible mobile devices to play the casino online and your device is one of those tested mobiles.

All you need to do it to select the specific parameter within which your device operates, you will see that your smart phone enables you to enjoy a more safe, impressive, efficient, secure and more lucrative casino online with our casino mobile app.

So now you are all tempting to access the mobile casino….

We will guide you how to do it.

We know that you are looking for a place on how and where to begin this mobile casino. So in our view our site and mobile app is the best option available in the market.

Be ready for having the best mobile online casino experience.

Now follow us.

  • You can visit the home page of our website and there you will have a box asking you to enter your user –id and password. That is offered when you have to do the online betting on the desktop. Then you will also find the option to download the application as download Apk.


  • Now when you start downloading, meanwhile you will have the option of package installer-click on it and install your mobile casino app.


  • Now fill your user ID and password and login. Here you go.


  • Now you are all set with your smart phone to have access on mobile casino app by just filling the necessary details as you do when you start operating a new social media account or an online payment app.

Dear pals, I assure you are going to make a lot of fun.

Our mobile online casino app is completely tested, secure and so it is going to help you have a fantastic experience in online betting and playing online casino games.

Whichever phones you have be it IOs, Android or blackberry everything has become so advanced now that you are so close to all the games where you can do the online betting or play casino games online. We must thank to the increased memory, better processors, enhanced graphics that enable us to handle the most in demand online casino games.

All the mobile phones contribute to the global market in terms of usage. Our team spends a lot of time in finding what best and entertaining can be served to you all.

If you have a windows phone you are luckier as it’s like carrying a desktop in your hand. It means you can easily access the best online casino games on mobile app that we are offering you. You simply have to press the login button on your app and you are all set to play.

Thus it is much easier now to play all suite of casino games.

Mobile Casino Games that you can play on our mobile casino app.

Our mobile casino apk offers you specially designed crafted games to play and stay entertained.

You will be more than happy to know that all you do on the mobile casino games apk will be transmitted to your desktop and what all you do using our website will be transmitted to the mobile casino games app. That is how the interlinking is done so that you stay connected to both easily and safely.

In the past, you used to make the deposits using your computer and then transfer it to a mobile account. Now it has become more convenient you simply have to install, login, and play.

As a general guide, the best mobile casino games that we offer you include:





Casino war

Casino meter

Cricket casino

Bollywood casino Andar Bahar

And wide range of other games in trend too.

While you begin playing the online casino games on our mobile apk we suggest you can change the orientation of   your mobile screen to landscape position to maximize the gaming area on your device.

At the start of a betting round you’ll see a complete betting board on which you’ll be able to place your bets. You can simply touch the betting box when you want to bet.

Mobile Baccarat

You can have some good time when you play the baccarat on mobile as it will also increase your live casino play. You will be able to play it at your own pace and as you like.

You can play baccarat at your own comfort level in your desired time. Playing on your own smart phone gives you plenty of time to evaluate each hand while developing your own unique style of play. 

And when you’re playing mobile baccarat, you’ll always find it rejuvenating and this is its unique component.

Andar Bahar on Mobile

You can play Andar Bahar in live casino section using your smart phone. It is the same as you play on the desktop. To enhance your casino experience we provide you a complete ambience where our live dealer is available in a backdrop to offer you cards. You can interact with him too and play the game as you play at the real casino houses and now by just using your smart phone.

live betting

Cricket Casino

The most popular of all is the cricket casino as more than 90% bettors are involved in this. When you wish to play the live cricket casino on mobile you are likely to watch it too via live streaming facility that we offer you. So here the mobile casino app is the best medium to serve you so that you can easily play the cricket casino from the app to increase your enjoyment. 

Speed of the App is too fast that everything takes place in just a gist of seconds as the app is compatible enough to send and receive the information at the fastest pace just to keep you happy and wealthy.

Roulette on Mobile App

You will be more than happy to know that roulette has revolutionized the mobile app as our experts state that it saves a lot of time for the players and offers a great deal of convenience too. When you play this game on the mobile app you are more confident and experienced that you just need to make a few clicks to earn your money.

Following are the benefits of playing Roulette on a casino mobile app.

  • Ability to play within a Short Period: Roulette game from casino mobile app allows you to enjoy the different roulette variants on the go. You can bet while you are in a pub, a grocery store or in your car. This form of convenience enables you to explore all features of the game. 

  • Ability to Interact with Other Players: Roulette from casino mobile app has a feature that allows you to interact with others in real time. You get to share your experiences with other players and share valuable information.

We have much more to offer you.

casino online betting

Casino in trend all over India

Regardless of where you are, our mobile casino app is going to rock. It is reputed, reliable and completely trusted in the industry of the nation. You have very safe access to the online casino.

Regardless of where you’re from, all our teams of operators will provide you with fully regulated, highly secure and hugely impressive online casino gaming experience.

From baccarat to roulette and to table games we provide you exposure to every mobile casino game that too using our native currency.

We also give you the option to get it installed from the play store of your device.

Live Casino

Casino Games

Online mobile casino was once a thought that has now become a complete industry on its own. It is now growing and evolving, luring more and more players and you are one of them.

We know you are all ready to go. The best time to play online casino games using the mobile app is just now. So start playing and enjoying.

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