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NOTE : यदि कोई उपयोगकर्ता बाजार से Diamondexch और Diamondexch9 खरीदता है तो हम किसी भी नुकसान के लिए जिम्मेदार नहीं हैं।


The word betting represents wagering and gambling. Betting is so common and in demand since long as the past and the present generation is so fond of doing betting and increasing wealth. All the adults across the nation are liable to do the betting. One should always know the conditions involved in the betting. Nowadays kids also do the betting with their cousins on petty things. But the betting that we are talking about is a wide term. Betting is actually making the right guess and creating a situation that helps you earn money more than what you have put on stake.

Online Betting Trend

Online Betting

Seeing the rising scope and popularity of betting in today’s generation, the rise of technology in the I.T Sector and advancement of Internet has given the opportunity to all the bettors to wager online. Now you can do the betting online wherever and whenever you desire to. There is great market of online betting for Indians. People can do the online betting using their finger tips straight from home. You can all do it with the medium of electronic exchange of funds and can bet anytime on your favorite sports games or the sports person.

It is all possible if your instinct says that India will win the match, you can place your bet in online cricket betting and win a huge amount of money.

Earlier it was a dream and now it is a reality that you can do the online betting in seconds using your mobile phone or desktop and do it from your office or pub and win so much money via. Online betting.

Online Betting In India

Indians are fond of betting since generations. Now when it has started online, Indian market is also keen to provide the podium to the bettors to bet online.Indians are also able to participate in the online betting and earn funds. Many of us do it for fun and entertainment but others do it as a business or as a platform of multiplying cash.

You can do the online betting in any game you want to and it is so lively on the website that it feels as if things are going live.

Friends, trust me…It is that beautiful and attractive.

Earlier the people of India would either dream of going to casinos and play casino games and as the schedule of everyone today is so occupied that we rarely find time for our leisures. But now due to globalization and Internet everything has become so easy for all of us to avail what we desire.

Online Betting Website

Now as if you are so eager to do the online betting we will guide you further on how it takes place.

The first step to be performed when you are looking forward to online betting and it is which website you will select to do the online betting.

Dear friends

In the market, hundreds of online betting websites are available that make so many promises for its customers. We should very intelligently choose the online betting website for ourselves.

Our online betting website gives you the freedom to place as many bets online as you want. You will be glad to know that we offer you a wide range of games related to sports and on them you can place as many bets you aspire to and earn much more wealth. People have become so rich once they have started online betting in India from our online betting site.

We offer you to do the online betting in sports like horse racing, dogs racing, boxing, kabaddi, tennis, badminton, cricket, football, basket ball etc. You can also play so many casino games just by sitting at your home with your friends and enjoying a glass of wine together. The online betting will add more sweetness to your friendship. Our casino has many games for you to play like Baccarat, cricket casino, casino war, casino meter, bollywood casino, live casino, poker, teen-Patti, Andar-bahar and much more.

Our online betting site provides you the real life experience of online betting. If you are playing online casino game you would really feel your presence at the real casino landmarks and doing it and actually you will be at your place.

If you want to do the online betting in Sports, you can do it from your home or office only by seeing the live match and placing the bet immediately and earning money. It is too hot and everyone loves to be in A.c at home, lay down and play casinos with us.

It is all done in seconds and easily.

You can choose our online betting website to do the online betting as we have our customer care executives who will assist you 24 by 7 for your convenience.

Betting Luck

Online Betting Account

We know till now you are all satisfied and happy and have also made your decision of online betting at our website. You will consider yourself lucky when we will tell you that you can also do the online betting from our betting application that is very easy to install on your smart device.

The main thing is to have an online betting account when you have to do the online betting in India.

We give you the option to make your demo account with us to see what all we offer you and how the platform looks like. You can make your demo account which is as simple as creating your face book account.

Once you have seen it all, now we know that you are so curious to play casino games and do the online betting. To create your online betting account you will have to visit our website and provide the necessary information related to you. Once you are done, you will have your online betting account and it will work as your online betting ID that is ready to use.

Thinking of doing some business with us?


Here’s how!

You can become an online betting dealer and get your master account from our website. This master account is also known to be the DL account in the layman’s language. You can do well in it and get your super master account too ready at our website podium.

You can alone manage your online betting business by simply relaxing and getting benefitted via. Twin-sharing basis with maximum percentage on your end. All you require is our guidance. You just have to refer us 10+ regular clients who are fond of betting and do it regularly.

If you want to do the betting in cricket online, you must get your online cricket betting account and if you wish to play casino games online you can do it by making online casino betting account from our website.

Online Betting Account

Online Betting ID Kaise Bnaye ?

To create your online betting ID you will simply visit our website and get it done after creating online betting account. Online betting ID is your identity for online betting from our website just as your Gmail ID.You can make your online betting on your name or on your pet name too. We hope that now you know how to create your online betting ID and do the online betting and also play casino and other card games.

Mode of Payment

As you know that the mode of exchange for articles and services is real money only. For your convenience, the mode of exchange of payment is Indian rupee only as you are on an online podium while you are betting online in India. We receive payment through various means like Paytm, IMPS, Google pay, PayPal, UPI etc. We accept Hawala Too.

At the time of making payment you can text us prior on Watsapp and wait for 10 to 15 minutes or after you have made the payment you can send us the screenshot of it on our Watsapp number along with the transaction ID. When you need our assistance please ask number every time.

You can blindly trust us as we are the best in the market in online betting in India.

 So my dear bettors…Are you ready for more fun and entertainment?

Happy Betting!

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