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Demo agent ID is not at all a tricky thing to do, as the very first thing that you have to type the URL on google “”. If you are opening the admin account, you have to use the admin URL on google as of all we are going to tell you in this video and screenshots.

This is the video of the Admin URL that is going to make the task of creating the Agent ID very easy.

Demoexch Admin / Demoexch user id

1st Point

As soon as we add the admin URL, this window will open in front of you friends, now we will tell you how to create agents below you using the master panel.

Step 1

  • After Login details you will See a page has opened in front of you, and at first, you will click on the list of client.

Step 2

  • On the top right side, an option will display guiding you to add an account. You have to click here. Addaccount

Step 3

  • Then you will see a details page on the window, where you have to mention your personal details. Create Agent Id

Step 4

  • Fill all details like we show youwith the help of screenshot Agent Id details

1st – Client NameHere you have to write the name with which you wish to create the ID for example “AjayGoa”. Remember, the username must be unique otherwise the red-colored indication will show you (username already exists) so your client name has to be kept unique. 

2nd – PasswordThen you will have the next option of user password (transaction password)- Remember to create an eight digits password in which the first 4 digits can be alphabets and the next 4 as numbers. For example Abcd1234 ( Use first letter capital to make the password effective)

3rd – Retype Password  Retype the password: In this option, you have to type your password again that you added previously in the add password option. 

4th- Full Name In this option, you have to enter the first alphabet only of the name you are creating id with. For example, Ajaygoa is your username, so you have to ( Use Only A ) in this option.

5th – CityYou will find the city option also, you need not mention your city here. Leave it blank. 

6th – PhoneDo not add anything in this option as well.

7th – Account TypeThe next option that you will see is Account Type where you can see the agent and User ID. As you know that In this video, we are showing you how to make the agent ID using the master panel, so here you have to select the agent

8th – Credit Reference  Next comes the credit reference that says, you will have to credit here if you have offered coins to anyone. 

9th – Commission Settings & Partnership – Here comes the commission settings, Partnership will showcase where you need not make any changes and add 0 in all the columns shown to you. 

10th – Transaction Password – At last you need to add transaction password.

11th – Create Account – After transaction password you will have to click on create account and you will see the successful message on top right corner like in this screenshot.

  1. You will find the city option also, you need not mention your city here. Leave it blank. Agent id created

12th – List of Client – Now by clicking on the list of client button on the top bar, you can see your id which you have just created. Agent id created Done

2nd Point

Id that you have just made, Some of its options will be visible like “D, W, L, C, P & S”. 

D Deposit
W – Withdraw
L – Limit

C – Credit
– Password change
S – Status ( Jha se aap id lock and bet lock kr site hai )

India's Oldest Book

HTML tutorial

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