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If you are looking to create a demo user ID for yourself, you have come to the right place. 

The initial step is to add a URL to the Google browser, if you are opening the admin account, then you are supposed to add the admin URL as shown in this video. For example: ( ). 


Demoexch Admin / Demoexch user id

1st Point

As soon as we add the admin URL, this window will open in front of you friends, now we will tell you how to create user id below you using the master panel.

Step 1

  • After Login details you will See a page has opened in front of you, and at first, you will click on the list of client.

Step 2

  • On the top right side, an option will display guiding you to add an account. You have to click here. Addaccount

Step 3

  • Then you will see a details page on the window, where you have to mention your personal details. Create Agent Id

Step 4

  • Fill all details like we show you with the help of screenshot

1st – Client NameAdd your username here that you wish to use as the main name for your ID. Remember, your username should be unique, otherwise, you will see a red-colored indication that says (User Name Already Exists ). 

2nd – PasswordThen in the next option, add a user password (transaction Password)- Remember to create an 8 digit password, which includes 4 alphabets and the next 4 numerics. For example, Abcd1234 ( Use the first alphabet as capital) 

3rd – Retype Password  Retype the password: You have to type your password here again. 

4th- Full NameFull Name: You have to write the first alphabet of your username here. For example, Your Username is KARAN, add (K) only in this option. 

5th – CityThe city option will remain blank.

6th – PhoneNext, the Phone number column also remains vacant.

7th – Account TypeNext, we come to the account type: Here you will see the agent, and user ID, as we are guiding you on how to create a user ID, so now you will select user ID. 

8th – Credit ReferenceIn the credit reference, you have to mention the amount you have used for credit, add 0 (zero) if not used, otherwise mention the amount.

9th – Expouser LimitThe exposure limit is the amount of your ID multiplied by 10. For example: If your ID has a worth of 3000 then you will multiply 3000 with 10 and your exposure limit will be 30000. If your ID worth is 5k then you will multiply 5000 with 10 and your exposure limit will be 50000. (It will be 10 times the user amount) 

10thCommissionThen come to the commission settings, partnership, and min-max bet- Do not make any changes here.

11thTransaction PasswordNow you have to type your transaction password, and your account will be successfully created. You can verify it in the list of clients section. Agent id created

12th – List of Client – Now click on list of client to check your users id.

2nd Point

Id that you have just made, Some of its options will be visible like “D, W, L, C, P & S”. 

D Deposit
W – Withdraw
L – Limit

C – Credit
– Password change
S – Status ( Jha se aap id lock and bet lock kr site hai )

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India's Oldest Book

HTML tutorial

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